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field sales

Flexible vs fixed, in house vs external, syndicated vs non-syndicated: the shape of service chosen can dramatically impact the success of your field team.

We evaluate the historical activity of your field sales team using daily level sales data at the store level to discover the key drivers behind historical performance. Our insight informs all areas of field sales planning, giving you insight into areas such as:

  • Number of stores/breadth of brands covered

  • Frequency of visit

  • Length of visit

  • Timing of visit

  • Optimal type of interventions made

  • Optimal number of interventions to make

Retail Alchemy

shopper marketing

Successful shopper marketing campaigns develop from understanding which types of activity work best for each brand in each retailer.

By evaluating historical campaign performance, we can help you improve the effectiveness of your shopper activity by giving you insight into:

  • How well different types of shopper activity perform for different brands/retailers

  • Which stores to target

  • The role in online shopper activity in driving offline sales

  • Optimal spend per activity/campaign

  • Optimal phasing and flighting

Visibility & availability in-store

shopper marketing
Retail Alchemy

price & promotion

Although widely used in retail, the true impact of a brands price and promotional activity is often poorly understood

By measuring the impact your pricing and promotional strategy has across multiple retailers and SKUs, we can help you optimise the level of incrementality generated, giving insights into areas such as:

  • How responsive different brands/SKUs are to price changes

  • The level of cannibalisation present

  • The effectiveness of different promotional mechanics

  • The impact position in store has on promotional effectiveness

  • Optimal promotional length

  • Optimal promotional depth

  • Long term pricing strategy

Intent to purchase

price promo
Retail Alchemy


Measure the incremental impact of your digital spend at the channel, site and placement level.

The advent of GDPR and increasing segregation of data amongst digital media owners has meant that understanding the true incremental value of a digital campaign has become increasingly difficult.

Using a revolutionary machine learning based approach, we are able to combine your digital marketing and conversion data to help you understand exactly how incremental your activity has been, giving you insight into:

  • The true overall level of incremental conversion generated

  • Performance by channel, site and even placement level

  • Historic vs optimal levels of media saturation over time

  • Optimal spend levels by channel, site and placement level

Stimulate online sales

Retail Alchemy

above the line media

One of the most highly measured marketing channels, the constant evolution of above the line media activity demands a measurement framework that is able to keep pace

By taking a holistic, bespoke approach to analysis against the backdrop of the performance of other forms of marketing, we are able to help you improve the effectiveness of your ATL strategy by delivering insight into:

  • How ATL effectiveness is enhanced/inhibited by other forms of marketing

  • The role of brand vs direct

  • Long vs short term effects

  • How performance varies by media channel

  • Optimal level of spend

  • Mix of channels required to deliver optimal performance

  • Saturation levels

  • The role phasing and flighting plays in performance

Stimulate Awareness / Consideration

above the line
Retail Alchemy

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