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News & Blog

Retail Alchemy

Welcome to the Retail Alchemy News & Blogpage. Here you will find a collection of the thought pieces we have written on making field, shopper and retail execution more effective

There are several different approaches to ROI Measurement, but which one is best?

By |27th April, 2021|Blog|

As marketing budgets are under even more scrutiny and there are still some big question marks around how consumers will shop in a post covid world, being able to accurately measure the ROI of your in-store marketing activity is more important than ever.

As lockdown eases, is ‘online only’ the best way to spend your Shopper Marketing budget?

By |13th April, 2021|Blog|

As lockdown restrictions start to ease this week, many marketers will be eagerly watching how consumers adapt their shopping habits and whether we see a gradual return to pre-covid habits, which will determine where best to invest their marketing budgets.

Measure, Improve, Grow: Making the most of lockdown

By |10th April, 2020|Shopper Marketing|

With the current Covid-19 "lockdown" situation creating a very uncertain time for many marketers, it can conversely present a unique opportunity to get things right in-store. Read our thoughts on how brands should be using the time to invest in a robust evaluation framework so that they emerge from the current crisis in fighting fit form.

Should brands cut back on marketing during a recession?

By |20th March, 2020|Marketing|

Faced with a downturn in income, many brands first turn to their marketing budgets to cut costs. But is this the right decision and is the view that marketing is more of a "cost of doing business" correct? Read our thought piece below to find out.

Making Field Sales Effective

By |13th March, 2020|Field Sales|

Effective Field Marketing is a vital tool in the marketers toolkit, but all too often such activity is viewed as being more of a cost of doing business as opposed to an opportunity to achieve profitable growth. Our extensive work with clients on evaluating the impact of such activity has revealed a simple truth in terms of where it should be targeted to achieve maximum ROI.

The Role of Shopper Marketing

By |13th March, 2020|Shopper Marketing|

The role of Shopper Marketing is often misunderstood by many marketers, with many comparing it's performance to that of more mainstream Above the Line and Digital campaigns. Our analysis of the impact of Shopper on a variety of brands has revealed that whilst such activity can't match the sheer scale of uplift generated by larger campaigns, Shopper Marketing does nonetheless play a vital role in the promotion of smaller and more emerging brands.

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