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There are several different approaches to ROI Measurement, but which one is best?

2021-05-07T10:44:53+01:0027th April, 2021|Blog|

As marketing budgets are under even more scrutiny and there are still some big question marks around how consumers will shop in a post covid world, being able to accurately measure the ROI of your in-store marketing activity is more important than ever.

As lockdown eases, is ‘online only’ the best way to spend your Shopper Marketing budget?

2021-05-07T10:46:10+01:0013th April, 2021|Blog|

As lockdown restrictions start to ease this week, many marketers will be eagerly watching how consumers adapt their shopping habits and whether we see a gradual return to pre-covid habits, which will determine where best to invest their marketing budgets.

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